Guide To Sanding And Refinishing Wood Floors

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Don’t Make The Mistake So Many Others Make!

Unfortunately, looking to the internet to get handy tips and tricks may lead you down the wrong path. It can very easily lead you to waste time and money or even cause you to give up in frustration.

photos4 (2)I cannot tell you how many websites I have found giving inaccurate or outright destructive information. It is incredible how many people sand their floor once, then write a “How-To,” claiming to be a guru.

While their before and after photos look terrible.

Being a floor sanding professional can easily lead you to believe that floor sanding shouldn’t be undertaken by amateurs. And believe me, most professional floor refinishers are not shy in saying it! But they really do believe that, and so did I.

I have seen floors sanded by amateurs many, many times. Let me tell you, I have seen some horrific work.

Just over 2 years ago, I had a friend that wanted to sand his own floors. He was a long distance from me so, lending a hand was out of the question. I spoke with him for no more than 30 mins on the phone, I told him what machines to hire, what to look for while doing the job and methods of using the tools.

A week later he sent me photographs of his floor and I was shocked!

I never had any faith that amateurs could do a good job, but what I eventually found, is that after giving people advice on the task of floor sanding, for a mere 30 minutes, gave them


…to do an absolutely fantastic job, by anyone’s standards.

photo 6You can quite easily tell the difference between those who were in-the-know and those who weren’t. Unfortunately you can only tell this after the fact.

Pareto’s Principle states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. I can verify, that rule remains true here.

Just that slight boost in knowledge, can lead to dramatic differences in the quality of the finish.

You see, resanding and refinishing isn’t just about improving the floor. It’s about changing one’s entire house, an ascension on the family lifestyle ladder.

As home improvements go, refinished floors make that big impact like nothing else. They’re unparalleled as an upgrade.


Hiring A Pro May Not Guarantee You A Good Finish!

I have seen some of my competitors consistently produce worse work than any DIY job I have seen. Luckily very few pros’s are like this, but how can you know whether the guy you’re hiring is the right one?

hardwood floor 1Did you know that resanding creates more attractive hardwood floors than new installations could ever hope to achieve?

I should know, I did both types of jobs for 10 years. Though more than 95% were resands and refinishes, because it was so much more sensible for the homeowner.

  • Given time to settle, older wood just looks better after being sanded, smoothed, and finished with a nice coat of lacquer. These days the flooring you buy comes from fast-grow farms where nature doesn’t have the time to produce the stunning grains you find with older flooring.
  • In terms of quality, hardness, and durability, older wood also has the upper hand. The difference comes down to how the trees were grown. Back when we still had substantial forest land, wood mills would chop down 80-year-old trees that were slow grown, and had a durability to them that you don’t see anymore.

Nowadays those same wood-harvested trees are grown through genetically modified seeds, taking years instead of decades to reach maturity. That fast growth speed shows in the lackluster wood that they produce.


You Don’t Have To Pay Thousands Of Dollars For Such A Quick, Simple, Easy DIY Job

sanding and refinishing hardwood floorsYes, when you’re replacing the plumbing and electrics, best to call an expert.

But your floors? This isn’t rocket science my friend!

With just a couple hundred dollars for equipment rental, more for the materials, and an honest desire to do something meaningful with your hands, I guarantee you could do this job better than any expert. It’s your home, and no one cares about your house as much as you do.

Frankly, when you’re paying a fixed-price job, people want to get it done quickly and get paid. Not an issue at all when you do it yourself.

Average job price my crew charged? $4,500 for a resend/refinish.

And even that looks cheap compared to the $12,000 average my installer buddy charged for fresh installs.

These figures assume your run-of-the-mill, three bedrooms, two bath house. Expect to pay proportionally more for extra rooms.

This is exactly why you don’t see real estate agents recommending upgrading the floors prior to a sale – it’s so darn expensive it’s not worth it! But when you do it yourself, all that extra cash go straight into your pocket.

Even if you don’t sell, the cash is still accessible to you. Next time you’re looking to refinance some money, your appraiser is going to give you a higher price for the upgrade due to the improvement.

The Step By Step Floor Sanding Process For EVERYONE

In my low-cost guide, I’m going to walk you through the entire process of sanding a floor. We go from the very basics prep stages all the way to putting the finishing touches on the floor to give it that extra “wow” factor that woos guests and family members alike.

  1. hardwood floor 2In the sanding section of my guide, you’re going to learn the basics of how to use a good-quality floor sander. No, you don’t need to buy one, they can be cheaply rented at any local hardware store that does rentals. You can call in advance to find them, they’re everywhere.
  1. Once you’ve got the heavy-duty sanding work out of the way, I’ll show you how to fill all the gaps before moving on to finishing sanding, which will prime the floor for a beautiful coat of lacquer.
  1. Lacquering is what gives the traditional wooden floor a modern upscale look. And to go one step further, I’m going to teach you some other techniques that involve staining and even colored finishes to really take your floor to the next level. Wives especially tend to love this step because of the vast array of look and style options available for them to choose (hopefully with your input as well!).
  1. No matter what type of wooden floor you have, my guide covers it. There are many types of woods out there, and they absolutely do need to be treated slightly differently. You’re going to get that information when you pick up my guide.
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Just over 2 years ago, I had a friend that wanted to sand his own floors. He was a long distance from me so, lending a hand was out of the question. I spoke with him for no more than 30 mins on the phone, I told him what machines to hire, what to look for while doing the job and methods of using the tools.

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