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Here can be found an excellent choice of wooden bird house plans, it can be discovered simply by clicking on the picture that is a URL to my favorite supplier of plans at quite reasonable cost on account of the sum of bird house plans they sell. They might also include the ability to open the front of the house to view the nestling and the nesting process from beginning to end. So it’s important to choose the proper birdhouse woodworking plans for those species you would like to attract.

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With Ross Bird House Plan Package you get Over 15 Step-By-Step Bird House Plans. This package contains plans that cover the process from A-Z. From Step-by-Step Instructions to Easy to Understand Guides. Even better, it comes with full graphics, pictures and measurements of the birdhouses, making bird house creation a walk in the park! Comes with Complete blueprint and materials list. Forget expensive Diy bird house plans. No other bird house package in the market has plans as comprehensive and complete as this and that was my intention when I set out to create these plans The Blueprints, materials required are incredibly detailed, leaving nothing to your imagination. Your Skill Level Doesnt Matter! My Customized Bird House Plans, although theyre extremely high quality, were designed so that you could complete the job quickly, inexpensively while getting professional results to boot, Every Time. If youve never created a bird house before, dont worry Its Easy with the help out my bird house plans Illustrations and pictures for reference. The package comes with Full Illustrations and pictures, leaving nothing to the imagination. Just plain clarity for your bird house building pleasure Updated designs and styles. The designs here are totally state of the art, and new too. Read more here…

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Highly RecommendedAll of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable pdf so that purchasers of Ross Bird House Plans Package can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

As a whole, this book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Octagonal Birdhouse

Octagonal Birdhouse

From the vertical siding to the pitched roof and detailed trim pieces, this eight-sided birdhouse has many of the features you’d expect to find on a real house. WOOD. Choosing the wood for an outdoor project is important If you’re planning to use an outdoor oil finish, make sure to select a wood that has some resistance to decay, like cedar or redwood. But if you want to paint the birdhouse, as we did, you could also use Douglas fir. I was never a star pupil in geometry class. So when I first saw the plans for this eight-sided birdhouse, all I could do was wonder how I would ever calculate all the angles and lengths. But Kevin, who designed the birdhouse, assured me it wouldn’t be all that difficult As it turns out, he was right. Figuring out the angles for the octagonal roof and main body of the bird-house is pretty easy. (I found the information on a chart) The tricky part is fitting all the pieces together. LIFT-OFF TOP. One of the nice features of this birdhouse is that the whole…

Design Is For The Birds

Birds were the beneficia- i ries in The Wharton Esherick Museums wOfThee I Sing competition. The birdhouse bonanza was organized last summer to encourage creative sculpture by pros and amateurs alike. Esherick Museum, Box 595, j Mahogany Bird House Paoli, PA 19301. I by Robert March.

While providing a new home for a family of songbirds all it takes is a piece of x pine lumber

Actually, there aren’t many birdhouses that can be made on the lathe, but here’s a pretty unique alternative to the traditional four walls and a roof’ style. This apple design is easy to make and will always be a pleasure to see hanging from a tree limb in your backyard. To build it, you’ll need a lathe with at least a 12 swing capacity. Some of you might be concerned about the bright red paint used on the birdhouse, but don’t worry. According to bird specialist John K. Terres, in his book Songbirds in Your Garden, applying a wood preservative to the outside of the birdhouse will prolong the life of the structure. After letting it dry for three to four days, you can paint the house any color you wish. Painting the house should enable the pine to stand up to the effects of sunlight and foul weather for quite a few years before you’ll need to retire it and turn a new one. When it comes to building a birdhouse, here’s an additional point that the experts all agree on leave off the perch….

The Complete Stepby Step Guide to Skills Techniques and Projects

In fact, just about anyone who has taken the hobby beyond the obligatory birdhouse in junior high industrial arts class has a story like the one I always tell about the birch futon. When you craft something from wood, the process not only teaches you new skills and provides a creative outlet, it can generate an heirloom. Or at least an object that’s rich with sentimental value.

Keeping It Clean

Single or double, your bird-house will require a small amount of annual home maintenance. In the fall, clean it out Remove all twigs, feathers, and debris left behind by last year’s tenants. In the spring, clean with soap and water, and pour boiling water over all surfaces to kill any parasites that might be claiming squatters’ rights. On the length of clapboard, measure and square lines to make two 9-inch-long pieces for the birdhouse sides and two 10-inch-long pieces for the roof. Cut them to length and set them aside. On the birdhouse bottom, mark a point in each corner, about 1 inch in from the closest side and about inch in from the closest end. IO. Put the countersink bit in the drill chuck and use it to drill a hole at each of die four spots you’ve marked on the birdhouse bottom. Single Birdhouse Single Birdhouse Set the front and the back on edge on tire work surface, with their peaks pointing away from you. Place the birdhouse bottom on edge against the bottom edges of the…

TWiN birdhoue

This is a simple, quick, appealing project that yieLds hours of fun come springtime. A friend of ours and his sons buiLt the first version of this birdhouse, turning Leftover pieces of clapboard siding into a spiffy new house for the Local bird population. We’ve modified their project a bit for this book, giving you the option of making either a back-to-back two-family bird-house or a single-family residence. The instructions for the twin version start here the singLe birdhouse instructions begin on page 52. From the point where the 5-inch line ends at the top of the board, use your Speed Square to draw a line down and toward the left at a 45-degree angle. From the bottom of the 5-ineh line, draw a line up and toward the left at a 45-degree angle. Extend the lines until they intersect at the center of the board this intersection point marks the top of gabled front 1 of the birdhouse.


Cut along the next set of angled lines on the right-hand end of the board. Then turn the board around, reclamp it, and cut along the angled lines on the other end. Make the two crosscuts along the remaining layout lines. These cuts will free up the birdhouse front 2, the bottom, and the center partition. Note Do not cut along any layout lines that intersect angled cuts They are for locating the entrance holes only. On the birdhouse bottom, mark a point in each corner, about 1 inch in from the closest side and about inch in from the closest end. Put the countersink bit in the drill chuck and use it to drill a hole at each of the six spots you’ve marked on the birdhouse bottom. A word about materials Cedar clapboards are manufactured with one side planed smooth and the other left rough-sawn, so the two sides have very different feels. Which way you position them could ultimately create quite different effects. Although we’ve specified pine board for the rest of the bird-house. you can…


Being only an infant in wood turning, I was delighted to sec a design that was other than a candlestick or wood bowl (Turned Birdhouses, March April, 1990 AW). I do think that a few design additions would make the houses a little more inhabitable. The addition of drain holes (minimum of 4)drilled in the base, and vent holes drilled at an angle at the top of the body would allow for drainage and cooler conditions. Also, birdhouses should be cleaned every spring and vents cleaned. To make this easier, the roof or base could be made removable.

Lid Support

Some of my birdhouses have steep roofs which require cutting angles of 60* or more on the tablesaw. Instead of making several fixed-angle jigs, I built this adjustable one from 3 4-in. plywood. Two lid supports allow the jig to adjust to angles from 45* to 90*. Make sure that the back support is high enough so the lid supports clear your fence.


Hinged the pieces together with masking tape. This allowed me to dry fit the roof to the birdhouse and then glue the pieces together without taking them completely apart. Next, gently raise the two ends of the ring and bring them together to form a complete circle and tape the ends together. Now you can check the fit of the roof assembly on the birdhouse, see Fig. 2.


BIRDHOUSE To build the birdhouse on page 24, all the hardware you need are some woodscrews, brads, and a wood finial (ours was 43 8 tall). The finial can be ordered through the sources at right So we’ve decided to offer the same shop drawings that were used to build the Shaker-style rocker. the footstool and the birdhouse. These are large, blueprint-style scale drawings printed on 18 x 22 sheets. The following shop drawings are currently available (Quantities may be limited) Birdhouse Shop Drawings 7117-350 8.95

Top Bottom

At this point the inside of the birdhouse is just one big space. To create some walls inside the house, I added some dividers to partition the birdhouse into four separate rooms. The dividers (F) are V2-thick pieces that are notched in the center so they interlock, see drawing at right and detail ‘b’. After the dividers are glued together, they can be screwed to the bottom of the birdhouse. MOLDING. To dress up the bottom of the birdhouse, I attached some quarter-round molding to the bottom of the sides, see Fig. 3. Before moving on to building the roofs, the cupola is glued to the top of the main house. Layout lines drawn on the top panel of the house will help to center the cupola on the birdhouse, see Fig. 3. If you want to paint the birdhouse, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First oft make sure to use a good, exterior-grade paint and primer. (We used two coats of a latex paint over an alkyd primer.) Second, if you’re planning to paint the trim pieces before…

NgLe Jbirdhoue

Why make a single-family birdhouse rather than a two-family This version is no simpler or more difficult to build than the Twin Birdhouse (page 46), but perhaps the birds in your neighborhood would prefer a little more privacy From the point where the 4-inch line ends at the top of the board, use your Speed Square to draw a line down and toward the right at a 45-degree angle. From the bottom of the 4-inch line, draw a fine up and toward the right at a 45-degree angle. Extend the lines until they intersect at the center of the board this intersection marks the top of the gabled front piece of the birdhouse.

Stave Construction

But stave construction isn’t just for barrels. You can use it for any round or multi-sided cylinder, like the octagonal birdhouse on page 22, for example. And by tapering the sides of the staves as well as beveling them, you can create conical shapes (like the roof of the birdhouse). The thing to remember is that the sum of all the bevel angles should add up to 360 . So for the eight-sided birdhouse, I beveled the edges of each side piece at 22W (360 -f 16 TEST PIECES. For a fairly small project like the birdhouse, the solution is simple. I made two sets of side pieces, using one to fine-tune the amount of saw blade tilt before beveling my real workpieces. Making a straight-walled cylinder is relatively easy since the edges of the staves have a straight bevel. But what if you’re making a project with sides that splay outward (like a planter) or slope inward (like the roof of the bird-house) Here, the edges of the staves are beveled and tapered (also known as a compound angle)….

By Phil Gehret

A few weeks ago I got a call from Pat Huxta, a teacher at the day-care center that Kodak* Press runs for employees* children. It seems the school-age kids wanted to build a birdhouse. The center had a pile of scrap wood and a few old hand tools, but they needed a proper bench to work on.

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